Finishing 1st part of the project

July 22, 2010 at 2:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Checking and a lot of debugging resulted in some code changes.So a lot of a new reference files were added. Also, right now testing framework gained new ability to test the PToptimizer. I also struggled with a new found weird bug (TIFFOpen), this bug is not deterministic and if come out it just causing that one of the image isn’t created, and so the whole test fails. Some additional small changes might be needed in reference files (especially for parser). I also started to determining what functionality (what functions) need to be tested in function level testing framework and started designing this network (however it is still on very early phase). I will show some results of this issue soon.

Shortly main changes in the project:

  • perl script for PToptimizer testing
  • added reference files for PTroller, PTcrop, PTuncrop, PTtiff2psd and PToptimizer
  • removed and/or added new and/or modified reference files for most of the tools
  • some additional changes in test generation
  • other changes like comments etc.

PTroller, PTcrop, PTuncrop and PTtiff2psd tests

July 6, 2010 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

This week I spent on creating new features to the project. Mainly I created some code to test some tools such as:

  • PTroller – right now it creates tiff files itself (similar to ‘simple’ tests used for each of input files), but it is possible to use as input files tiffs that are added to the project as reference
  • PTcrop – tests are constructed as in PTroller, but it is also possible to crop and then uncrop given image and check if the image is the same (comparing to the image which was taken to the processing)
  • PTuncrop – as above
  • PTtiff2psd – for comparing I used a new function (psdCmp) based on identify command -line tool from ImageMagick (more info about using this tool: and – use with -verbose to get more details about the given file).  I intended to check every layer, but when I was using ImageMagick I get results similar to this:, so right now only 1st method is used.

other changes made in the project:

  • fixed problems with parameter testing (new reference files needed)
  • small changes in (mainly adjustments to cmake)
  • changes in cmake files (for adding tests)
  • other smaller changes in other files

Right now I’m working on extend this tools testing capabilities, creating and planing tests for other tools (especially for PToptimizer and PTmasker).

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