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June 29, 2010 at 11:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Thanks to Daniel M. German, the project gain new ability to dump the input data structures. Till now the main problem in adding new tests cases was the space they take. Now this problem is almost gone. Of course this method isn’t testing everything but in many many cases it is almost everything that is substantial in test case. The main ‘old’ tests must remain to test the most important elements of the project, new method should be essential part of testing that gives more information about problems/bugs that may be found (because much more test cases can be done that way). Now the main problem is the time that tests take, but this is a result of number of them – e.g. combination of projection, formats and interpolators gives about 20x10x23 = 4600 in worst case (when all options are checked) – but there is a solution: not every test must be executed, we can divide tests into two groups first that tests most important elements of the project and second that contains predefined sets of tests cases that tests specific part of the project. This could be done by customizing cmake (ctest), more info:

most important changes in the project during last week:
– new simple tool for testing with parser – (basic version)
– added possibility for generating combined tests
– combine all parameters functions into one
– reference files will be extended if result won’t be found
– improved documentation and added some comments
– code improvements
– other less important changes
in other files
– added 64 new tests into cmake (16 are removed due to time they take)
– added reference files for new tests

Currently I’m working at adjusting existing tests with cmake and making some new tests to other tools.


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