1st report

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The things I done during this week:
+ created reference and tests for a circular fisheye lens
+ created reference and tests for a rectilinear lens
+ made changes in gen.pl (E0 R0 problem is now resolved,
unnecessary lines are now erased, and some other changes)
+ made changes in resizer.pl and resizer2.pl
+ mirror changes in panoAutomateTest.py
+ created simple README.TXT file
+ created new however still primitive tool for comparing images
“compare.pl” (it includes some different methods of comparison)
+ made some changes for a fullframe fisheye lens tests
+ made some changes for a equirectangular lens tests
+ created a new branch and add all files to the SVN repository
+ gathering information about adding regression tests using cmake

Plans for the next week(s):
– add additional parameters for some output projections in gen.pl
– add tests for other parameters
– add tests for cropping
– improve compare.pl
– log tool for tests
– set a rules that decide if the test is passed
– gather more information about adding regression tests using cmake

– so far reference images took already much space, but I have some
ideas to reduce it, however all of these ideas have flaws, the main
three ideas are:
1) use only one image for each format in a test – the result of enblend
use so the only results of enblend would be tested
2) use one format of image (for example only *jpg or *.tif) in a test and
ignore small difference between test and reference files
3) combining 1) and 2)


Hello world!

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Blog still in update process. This is a test post.

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